Choosing a water heater made simple.
Certain models are available in ABS/metal outer jacket and inner tanks of 1.2 mm thick heavy gauge. Ask your dealer/interior designer for advice.
N. B.: NR - Not recommended | LPD - litres per day
Please select a product based on application, energy used, type, capacities, type of mounting to give you the various product offerings.
1. Where will the water heater be used?
  Residences & homes
Commercial establishments
2. For home & residential use, how many persons in the family will be using it?
  1 - 2
5 or more
3. What type of fuel or energy will you be using?
    This mark indicates that the model will give hot water quickly
4. What type of water heater do you need ?
5. In what orientation will the water heater be mounted?
6. Inlet water supplied from
 Pressure Pump
 Loft tank
 Terrace tank
 Multi-storey apartments with hydro-pneumatic systems